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Our staff is trained to provide your pet’s routine care needs including nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland maintenance, and medicated baths.

Nail trimming

If you are not comfortable trimming your pet’s nails, our staff can help. Nail clipping can be a nerve-racking experience for both the pet and owner, particularly if the pet had a painful nail-trim experience in the past. Our trained technicians know just where to trim to avoid the live part of your pet’s nail, or the “quick”. Our goal is to make your pet’s nail trim as comfortable as possible.

Ear cleaning

Cleaning your pet’s ears is an important part of their routine care. Whether your pet requires routine cleanings or has an infection that needs more advanced treatment, our trained technicians can help you to keep their ears clean and healthy. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

Cleaning/ Expression of anal glands

Perhaps not the most pleasant topic of conversation! Ensuring your pet’s anal glands are empty is more comfortable for your pet and prevents problems such as infection or abscesses.

Anal glands are the two scent glands inside the rectum that fill with an oily fluid that your pet should normally express when they have a bowel movement. For a number of reasons, some pets don’t empty them normally and instead need to have them manually expressed. If the glands do not empty, the material can remain inside the gland and become infected or turn into an abscess.

How do I know if my pet has a problem with their anal glands?

Dogs and cats with full or infected anal glands will often scoot excessively and lick at their back end. If you’ve had a pet that has experienced problems with their anal glands, you’re most likely familiar with the unpleasant, “fish” odor they produce.

When you bring your pet to us for an anal gland concern, we do the “dirty work” to ensure their glands are completely empty, and we make sure they go home smelling fresh.

Medicated baths

If you have physical limitations, a large dog, or even a dog that doesn’t like baths, bathing can be a miserable process. Whether your pet requires medicated baths or even just basic baths for skin and coat maintenance, our trained staff can help.

At Confederate Woods, we ensure your pet is bathed using the appropriate medicated shampoo. Our doctors knows if your pet has allergies or sensitivities that require special attention – something a groomer may not be aware of.

If you need help with your pet’s skin and coat care, call us today to schedule your pet’s spa day. They will go home smelling fresh and feeling great!

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